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    *Can painkillers be properly used in working out and sports?
    *Am I the only one who thinks it is unfair?
    *When was the first case of pancreatic cancer diagnosed in the U.S.?
    *New methods to diagnose pancreas diseases?
    *Iv'e been having panic disorder for a little more than a year and a half?
    *Another pap smear question?
    *Wound from mole removal not healing?
    *Why the hair of some sick people who have suffered from cancer after radiotherapy grow again but others not?
    *Do those in favor of a smoking ban and fear second hand smoke live abnormally?
    *I am 13 and i was raped in December and the police are now involved and i am realy scared n dont know wat 2 do?
    *Where can I find a website about rare diseases?
    *Is this a chicken pox?
    *If the ventilation rate is too low it is called?
    *I need help gaining weight?
    *Is it possible to hide albinism?
    *What can be Vaporized/Smoked?
    *Ink from pen as tattoo ink?
    *Diabetes. help please?
    *Why I have two small "cuts" on my tongue?
    *Pain in wrist with no injury?
    *How can i stop hurting myself?
    *Blocked up poo? how to POO more? please help me!?
    *I heard that it is possible to be allergic to sperm?!?
    *How can you get tested for yellow fever?
    *What substances does the pathogen yersinia enterocolitica ferment?
    Neck,throat and ears hurt really bad. Can this be from my Abscess tooth/gum?
    Ankle sprain(?) treatment?
    Do they have cars for Achondroplasia people (short people)?
    How Can I avoid getting acid Reflux when I sleep?
    ACL and Meniscus reconstruction surgery done. Rehabilitation period?
    Does washing your face with a baby cloth help acne?
    I left my BV antibiotics at home?
    Should i see a doctor?
    What insurance can i switch to that covers bariatric surgery?
    My new doctor wants me to discontinue my Nexium within 90 days? What the heck?
    How long does it take for a bedsores appear?
    Been dribbling/unable to empty bladder fully since early teens. Is it prostatitis or prostate cancer?
    YAY! My brother does crystal meth!?
    Weird feeling in my prostate?
    Will my nephew need help seeing through only one eye?
    For those of you who suffer from canker sores- what's the best thing you have found to relieve your pain?
    Need help with eating disorder :(?
    How can you know if someone is developing dementia?
    Why dengue mosquito bite in day time?
    Help required for assignment?
    Latex glove to make dental dam for oral ?? need imm ans pls?
    Doctor ordered so many tests i did not know. Bill is $1,323.70 I have no insurance. What can I do please?
    Is it true i could have a serious heart attack that may cost my life? I am 16 and know my death date already?
    Ecstasy: what are the long term effects?
    Eczema-related vagina rash.... can I put medicine on it?
    A patient experiences cerebral edema. In an effort to reduce the swelling of the brain, what type of solution?
    Would you consider this to be child abuse?
    Are there medications you can take to rase the fetal heart beat?
    I can't digest food!!!?
    Treatment for Uterine Fibroids?
    Should I just pray to God? Drs, Ophthalmology?
    Suicidal and crazy thoughts. What should I do?!?!?!?
    Have you ever had a lump on the back side of your wrist (ganglion cyst)?
    Does any one else have a reaction to aspartame after gastric bypass.?
    Mildly ertyhematous mucosa?
    Low libido, hair loss?
    How can hallucinogens (tripping out on acid, etc) be harmful to your body. Both now and longterm?
    Could somebody please help me (self injury question)?
    Two questions. First, do I have post traumatic stress?
    Brushing teeth with antibacterial soap instead of toothpaste?
    How is jaundice caused?
    Desperate!! How can i ever re-set my sleep patterns again?
    Have bumps on my penis?
    Does over production of Insulin exist?
    How do you know if kawasaki disease is still in a child?
    What is Grade 1 Lymphoma?
    What light bulb is best for reading for persons with macular degeneration?
    Were cows with mad cow disease made into hamburgers?
    Is milk of magnesium good for detoxifying?
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